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Meland Editor Building Competition FAQ
Q: Can I submit more than one entry with one Twitter account?
A: Yes, but the Popularity Prize only counts the one with the highest number of likes. For example, a Twitter account submits two works, and they receive the first and second highest number of likes among all works. This account will win the Gold Popularity Prize. The Silver Popularity Prize will be deferred to the other account whose work received the third highest number of likes. A Twitter account can win more than one Excellent Work Prize. A Twitter account can only win one Early Bird Prize.
Q: Can I submit multiple entries with multiple Twitter accounts for the same wallet address?
A: Yes, one wallet address can win at most one Popularity Prize, one Early Bird Prize, and can win multiple Excellent Work Prizes.
Q: Can I win all three prizes at the same time?
A: Yes, you can. It is possible to win three prizes for one screenshot.
Q: Can I use custom material?
A: Yes, custom material is allowed.
Q: I retweeted the event tweet and then posted a new tweet to post my screenshot, is that okay?
A: No, only the screenshots posted in the quoted section of the event tweet count as valid entries.
Q: How do I know my entry is successful?
A: If the official account likes your tweet, it is considered a successful entry.
Last modified 6mo ago
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