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How to get your first MATIC on Polygon
Like other networks, transactions on the Polygon network also require gas fees. Still, with excellent computing efficiency and low gas fees, the Polygon network is currently attracting fantastic gaming products and other blockchain applications.
If you're new to Polygon, you'll likely need to get some MATIC to start your blockchain journey.
There are several ways to help you get there.
  • Buy on CEX
  • If you have other crypto assets on Polygon
    • You can Swap on DEX like Quickswap
    • or You can redeem MATIC directly with the Polygon team's gas-free service
We will talk about them separately in detail.

Buy on CEX(Centralized Exchange)

You can buy MATIC directly in some famous Exchanges like Binance, FTX, MEXC, etc. Then send them out to your Metamask wallet address on Polygon.
💡 Note that some of them have T+1 limitation for you to transfer out MATIC

Swap on DEX(Decentralized Exchange)

DEX, like Quickswap, is so popular these days. You can swap other crypto assets on Polygon to MATIC.
💡 If you do not have any other crypto assets, please choose other different ways.

Swap your other crypto assets to MATIC with zero gas

The official polygon team offers a gas-free service to help get your MATIC with zero gas fees.
You can try it Now. 👉
What to do if I have no crypto assets on Polygon? Well, if you have other crypto assets on other networks, you can still try to transfer them to Polygon with the help of cross-chain services like Multichain. For the details, please follow this guide.